Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hotpocket's terribly failed KFC utopia.

Time for another dead beat shit hole to be put to rest? Oh wait, wrong... I mean to be put to test! Or at least to a review.

Man, their fucking banner looks like some 8 year old slapped some shit over it. Want some poop?

You guys going to love this, I got a call from a friend who told me to go and review this place, might have to join their shitty server later but so far here is a fuckin' tazer. (Hell yea', don't taze me brah!)

Apparently they are some really retarded "Vietnam Roleplay" server, the owner is some fat kid known as "Hotpocket" who likes to eat much in KFC. (kentucky friend shicken niggah')

Phew, o- yes the preview.

This is the best I could of find. But just so you know it might be possible I will be reviewing an empty server because they just died apparently.

.........................deadly silence........................


Anyway, this place is being lead by a bloke named as "Hotpocket", very blasphemous name. Last time I (h)ate a hot pocket that was like a year ago, really and it tasted like it came out of the pooper, but fuck that.

Apparently, this kid is in for the big time and the community is like meh... Dead beat 9 year old little faggots who only like to play as army man and suck  each other's dick for power. Somewhat I really adore this guy, he actually managed to find out something interesting that makes people want to suck more cocks for power, like cock sucking is that much of a big thing for 9 year olds right? Right?

I did a quick search on pastetrash
(just cuz' I know lot of shit can appear there) :, seems like this guy is already mapped up straight to his house. Not sure if this is outdated? Maybe someone confirm it please? Send emails to me

Man, this place is worst then guantanamo bay! People get force fed here with bullshit of some fat 15 year old faggot, (man that's like swallowing feces down a pipe and ejaculating all over it!) and he goes all crazy on his shit by creating crappy servers outside the US, thinking it will not be DMCA'd, yet he goes for claiming shit his crap is original while it is very obviously not.

Fuck it, this is not a preview, where is my head attachable personal computer.


By Kargoth55, the glorious

Soon updated, okay?

Well, I was about to update this bitch, but turns out the whole community died, didn't manage to review it but it turns out it was a very big pile of shit, hence the gay leader and his fat ass.

That's all for now folks!

Friday, October 26, 2012

AvoxGaming - The Failed Utopia

Well, it is clearly dead, 'nuff said.

If I would be you, I would steer clear of any future creation of Tokiz, that jolly wanker must be out of his mind creating retarded communities for blokes like you and then stealing your money to buy a new graphics card.

Good job, bitch!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AvoxGaming - The dark truth of spambotting.

Well, here we are today. Let's talk about one of the latest crap miracles of GMod RP, maybe one of the least fortunate fucked up shit piles I have ever seen in my life.

AvoxGaming "was" (since it's dead) a Metro 2033 roleplay community. The strange start of the community should be noted, everyone who was working on the community like LauScript, Kipper and all those folks were working on ruining the place since the beginning of the community. Tokiz (the owner of the place) have paid for multiple spam bots on Steam to invite players into his STEAMGROUP and it reached like 7k members this far, currently at 7100. (Pardon me 7099.)

It was a scam of course, it's not a gossip, our internal sources told us that Tokiz wanted to gain around 400 USD out of this community to invest into his own PC's development, to be more specific to buy a graphics card. Well since he gained what he obviously wanted, he stopped working on the community and cashed out on his PayPal account to buy his swag. Nice huh? Most of the administrators are outraged, but Tokiz did it because of his "administrators", those who took part in the community as an administrator were always sucking his cock, and wanting to gain more and more power in the community, and this is just one part of why the community bit the inevitable dust. Now, he is gone enjoying his new graphics card and fooling other people into starting a new community to gain more cash out of it, just like he did it with X-Hosters.

 And the more ridiculous fact is that he always know that his coders put malicious lines into his script and was aware that LauScript and Kipper going to leak it later on.

Well, nice gmod e-drama there.

But it not ends there! Appears that their forums are actually "nulled" aka pirated, after I contacted XenForo support, they torn apart the place a pretty bit to prove that it is nulled software.

That DMCA report must be looming over on Tokiz and soon he be facing a crime investigation for piracy in the United States. (Actually pirated softwares always have the links removed in the software, just check it, it's fake, move your mouse onto it to see it.)

It's obvious that there can't be 7100 players on Gmod who would be interested in his piece of shit, most of the crap that was going on his server was just cyberring, I even participated in one of that, was good one though. The IP's are already offline due to he didn't pay the monthly recurring fee for the servers, so most of the files are already wiped off of them.

Oh man! I didn't even post my review of this crap and someone already quit it. How pathetic.

Even their forums have a shitton of members that non-existent, look at the last "registered" user's name, "InjullyInsara" what picked idiot would choose that name for him self? Must be some retarded spammer possibly or he is just boosting his forum's visitor count. Either way, they still don't have more active members then 5-10 players a day only.

I actually liked the constant cyberring that was going on the server, it gave a bit of a red light district feel to it, people trying to reproduce, fucking, sucking, sex and the rock n' roll. Damn, wish I could find a good community that endorses cyberring, of course I know it might be a bit gross that you roleplay with a guy, but hey if he is gay and he is enjoying it, then good for him, until I get the usual bitches and my self sated then I have nothing to complain about, lol. Hell, if it's a female the better it is.

So far we arrived to the conclusion, the community sucks donkey cocks, the leader is a fucking power hungry whore, the community eats his shit like candy, etc etc... I can only rank it close to ShitRP, seriously.

That's all about AvoxGaming, a bit massive shit pile in one package.

Next up? We will see soon!

Enviso - Upcoming roleplay framework!

So, in my last post regarding Cockwork CLOCKWORK I mentioned that a friend of mine was working on his own roleplay framework project. Well, he told me that I was free to write about it on here, so I will do just that.

Now, what is Enviso? As stated in the title, it's an upcoming roleplay framework being developed for GMod 13. It's being made by Elec and SpencerSharkey, and at the moment very little is known about it. Upon further investigation, I managed to get a hold of a really early picture of the grid based inventory:

pre-Alpha inventory test

As you can tell, the framework is in its early stages of development, and this was clearly just a temporary way of testing the inventory. Other than this picture and some very vague info about what exactly Enviso is, I don't really have much else to say about it at this point.

I remember that after TacoScript had been released, every roleplay gamemode following it added "Script" after its name. Nowadays roleplay gamemodes have moved away from this type of naming. Instead it seems like developers are trying to come up with names as unique as possible, using foreign words the average person has never heard of, rendering us with names such as: Radius, Enviso etc.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh man!

Oh man, I so love this guy for inviting me here, he is such an awesome fellow!

Well, I am Kargoth55, I am going to be a co-author of this blog posting daily shit now and forever. I might be the less serious part of this blog, but I can assure you that my crap is going to have the most fun stuff in it.

I'm going to continuously review servers, post screenshots, talk about hot topics, some great cyber orgies happening on servers, etc etc... But hey! At least it is going to be worthwhile to visit this place, right?

That's all for now, see you around!

Tic, toc, on the clock...

Been a while, hasn't it?

 So, let's talk about Clockwork, the newest edit WHOLE NEW FRAMEWORK made by the oh so talented kurozael/kuropixel/kuromiku/Conna Cook/Conna Wiles. It's being made to replace openAura, that will break in the GMod 13 update.

Now, what exactly is different? Well, this time it's free. That's right, the framework itself is being released for free. When I first heard about it back when Kuro first announced it, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Maybe he had finally learned from his mistakes, and realized that frameworks should be open-source and free? After all, its slogan is "A framework for the people". Now, knowing Kuro, this was of course not the case.

As his first thread about Cockwork CLOCKWORK started going forwards, some... Unpleasant details were being revealed. It turned out that in order to get a copy of Clockwork, you had to register on a website and get a development key. Didn't sound so bad, right? I failed to see the point of it, and it seemed really shady, but I was ready to forgive it. Then it of course turned out that the schemas for Clockwork weren't free, you'd still have to buy those or code one from scratch yourself. When I asked if you were allowed to recode one of the purchasable schemas from scratch, the question kept being dodged until they finally said that it was okay, as long as it was called something completely different and didn't use any stolen code. Fair enough, right? Well, things started going downhill from there... Kuro accidentally said that SpencerSharkey wouldn't be able to use Clockwork once it was released (Spencer had leaked an alpha copy of Clockwork), and I asked how Kuro could decide that. If the gamemode was free and open-source, then how could someone like SpencerSharkey not be allowed to use it? That's when it turned out that all schemas made for Clockwork has to be approved by Kuro. Suddenly keeping the DRM in the framework, and using shady dev keys made sense. They were there to keep Kuro in control of the Clockwork users. This means that even if you spend months making a gamemode, Kuro can, for whatever reason, say: "Nope, not allowed to use it." Adding onto that, it has also turned out that if you want to host a server running Clockwork, the server had to be whitelisted and approved by Kuro. Suddenly the framework doesn't seem all that open-source anymore.

So, knowing all of this, surely the GMod RP community won't use Clockwork, right? Surely they will realize that Kuro is still the power hungry, money grabbing douchebag he has always been? Well, apparently not, since a lot of servers are planning on using it. People have become so accustomed to openAura that they are ready to ignore all the facts, and still use Clockwork despite the better alternatives.

So, is this it, then? Is this what the GMod RP community has come to? Will we only be seeing Clockwork servers from now on? Fear not, true believers, for the rumors around the mill say that some CHILL DUDES are porting over openAura to GMod 13 as an alternative to Clockwork. While I'm no fan of openAura, hopefully this should minimize the usage of Clockwork and stop Kuro's money making schemes. One can dream.

On top of that, we've still got Tiramisu. FNox is updating it for GMod 13, and converting it to use MySQL. A friend of mine is also working on his own RP framework project. And, who knows, maybe I will take up my old framework project for the sake of alternatives?

Until next time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

[HB] HeartBit Serious HL2RP

So the other day I decided to join some random HL2RP server. I came across HeartBit, a server with a fairly large playerbase. It seemed alright at first, nothing out of the ordinary. What you'd expect from HL2RP, really: walk around as a citizen and try to communicate with others that just walk away from you. The server's sectors were all 'quiet areas', which meant that if you talked to someone you'd be beaten up. I have no idea why they'd want that implemented, since it discourages social interaction, and makes the RP even more dull, but whatever.

My citizen was a generic one, fearing the combine and staying out of their way. I mainly just wanted to have a conversation with someone, try and get some basic RP going, but to no avail. After a while I noticed that the CP's that were on were dicking around a lot, recoloring each other with the toolgun, spawning random props as well as spawning GMan and killing him. They did this in the middle of the plaza when there were people on. For some reason a CP also started chasing around a scanner, yelling in OOC that he'd kill it.

After what seemed like ages I left the server, having accomplished little to nothing. I joined up today as well, and saw some CP's dicking around again. Then about four citizens ganged up on a CP recruit, trying to disarm him. A guy was casually standing next to the action, spamming random citizen lines... I wouldn't really recommend this server.

During my brief stay on there, I managed to snap these screenshots: